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Maternity Clothes in Hamilton

After spending $1500 on maternity clothes for my first pregnancy, thinking it was my only one, I gave everything away when I was done. 3 years later, I was pregnant again and didn't want to waste money on clothes that I knew I would only wear for 6 month. I searched and searched for places to buy gently used maternity clothes and could only find places like kijiji and mom 2 mom sales. The problem with that, i felt, was I couldn't try anything on. I couldn't shop like I always did and pick items that flattered me and reflected my personality. Instead I had t o buy a bag or a bin and hope that things were in good condition and that I didn't just throw money out the window. I started wondering why, with so many used childrens clothing places, did no one tap into this much needed market. From there I obsessed... I obsessed about what a store would look like, what kind of service level there would be, what additional items we could offer, how great a mommy community with a place for moms with small businesses to market and advertise their product would be and from there the reality grew. 6 weeks before I gave birth to my 4th child I finally opened the first Gently used maternity consignment boutique in Hamilton, On. 
We are in the process of planning many more store openings including St. Catherines, Brantford, London and Toronto and are super excited about what is to come!

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